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One Year Ago Today

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Yes, it really was one year ago today when the moving truck arrived at our old farm house in Sperryville. The mountains of eastern Idaho were far behind and were replaced with the beauty of the Blue Ridge. We had done our due diligence and prayed earnestly for God to find just the right place to live for however long He wanted us to be here. We had either known personally or knew of every pastor that had led the flock at St. Peter’s. After nearly six years of living in a diocese that had seemingly abandoned the call to nourish its sheep, we were in a place where we could be refreshed in the true beauty of the sacraments and the faithful teaching of the Church. Our only regret was that our friends, those who remained faithful despite the impoverished teaching and liturgy emanating from Boise, were left behind to contend with the relentless corrupting forces of modernism.

For six months we worked to regain our spiritual strength and stability. In addition to the repairs to our souls, we also worked hard to repair our old farm house. By mid-June, the time was right to invite Fr. Murphy to bless our new home. He responded to our request rapidly and happily. It was a day filled with joy. A Pastor attends to the needs of his sheep.

Just weeks later, our brief respite came to an end. You know the details. They are are listed and described in this blog. Just as in Idaho, faith filled Catholics, dismayed and repulsed by the minimalism and modernism, the social-justicism and the adherence to the teachings of st. saul, are leaving St. Peter’s. They are exiles because they cannot tolerate, will not tolerate that which is intolerable. And my wife is among them. This is not what we were dreaming of one year ago today when the moving truck arrived at our old farm house in Sperryville.

Yesterday, we saw a ray of light shine down on the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Boise. It was the occasion for which my wife and I and so many of our friends have prayed for years. It was the Installation Mass of the Bishop of the Diocese of Boise the Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen, M.A., D.D. as the Eighth Bishop of Boise. No, the Diocese of Boise won’t recover rapidly from the years of spiritual neglect. But we met and talked to many of the new and younger priests there. They have been waiting for this installation as have we. Some day, there will be many parishes in Idaho that will be like St. Peter’s used to be – that time which was the “status quo ante.”

As in Idaho, prayers will be answered here at St. Peter’s. Keep in mind, although we might be the sheep and lambs of St. Peter’s, we are also members of the Church Militant, ready to fight under the Standard of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our weapons are the Rosary, our devotions, our sacrifices, our fasting, our adoration of the Eucharist, and our adherence to the command to “love one another.”

BTW: The last Pastoral Council meeting was December 2, and still no posting of the minutes of that meeting. Why?


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