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Status Quo Ante, Update #1

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On December 8th, my wife and I published an open letter entitled Status Quo Ante to the Very Reverend Stanley J. Krempa, V.F., the Dean of Deanery IV. The letter was also sent directly to Fr. Krempa via email with our names and phone number provided. Two days later, Fr. Krempa graciously responded to our letter. He advised that the particular matters described in the open letter were not within within his purview. He stated that he had forwarded the letter to the appropriate diocesan authority.

My wife and I greatly appreciate Fr. Krempa’s response. We also understand that the link for this blog was included in the email to this diocesan authority.

On a different note, we were greatly moved by the action of the Pastor and the Parochial Vicar at St. John the Baptist. The letter Affirmation of Faith will be signed by many members of that Parish and will be forwarded to Pope Francis as a “Christmas Gift” affirming the truths taught by the Church concerning marriage and family. This blog subscribes to the motto “Assent to counter dissent.” The Letter from St. John’s is that type of assent. We would hope and pray that similar actions could come from St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in Washington, VA.


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