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An open letter to the Very Reverend Stanley J. Krempa, V.F.

Dear Fr. Krempa,

St. Peter Catholic Church in Washington, Virginia is a small parish. My wife and I joined this parish by choice after returning to Virginia from Idaho. When we arrived, St. Peter’s was a happy parish with faith-filled people – there was harmony. Now the harmony is gone and it is no longer happy.

The blog Sheep of Kephas is a journal of our observations and commentary concerning the “tidal wave of change” that is destabilizing the spiritual life of my family and the families of many whom we have met here.

This weekend, we enjoyed a brief respite from our recent problems when a former pastor filled in for Fr. Grinnell. If you explore the blog and read For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-12-07, you will learn what a joy it was to have this moment of relief and participate in the Mass in the way that the Church intends it to be celebrated.

Today, was the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. My wife and I attended Mass at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal. In the pews there we saw other Sheep in Exile from St. Peter’s. After our brief respite, once more we have to go elsewhere to take part in the Mass the way it used to be at St. Peter’s. Once more we have have to go elsewhere seeking the nourishment that a pastor is supposed to provide. Once more we have to wonder why the spiritual stability we had at St. Peter’s has been taken away from us and replaced with some shoddy, minimalistic, replica of the Mass.

You might not like nor agree with everything you see in the Sheep of Kephas. That is your prerogative. Yet, this is the only means my wife and I have at our disposal to make a plea for a return to the “status quo ante.” Other request and pleas by many other parishioners addressed to Fr. Grinnell or others in the Diocese appear to have gone unanswered or ignored.

We are asking for nothing more than that which was taken from us. We only ask for the status quo ante.

Yours in Christ and very respectfully,

(Name provided in separate email)



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