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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-12-07

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Here is Bulletin_2014-12-07.

Pastor’s Piece – Analysis and Commentary:

1. WELCOME FR. PAUL DUDZINSKI!: Sometimes you just have to say “Dittos!”, even if it is to our Pastor. Fr. Grinnell’s words were simple and his request to welcome Fr. Dudzinski is the first one he’s made since he’s been at St. Peter’s that my wife and I have felt inclined to fulfill.

 Fr. Paul will be filling in for me this weekend while I am on Cursillo. Paul was pastor at St. Peter’s from 2008-2011. Welcome him home.

In addition to the comments we made about First Friday Mass in the post Breath of fresh air, let me add the following. My wife and I have not had a chance to talk to Fr. Dudzinski for over 20 years. Today, after the 8:30AM Mass, we had the opportunity catch up on all that has happened in those years.

We first met Father when he was newly ordained. We learned then of his devotion to the Eucharist and his priestly vocation. We saw this weekend that his devotion continues to grow.

Obviously, many others were happy to see Father. There were smiles on many faces that recently have not been filled with joy. Several of the Sheep in Exile heard that Fr. Dudzinski would be filling in and they were there in the pews, just as they used to be. And my wife was one of them.

2. CURSILLO GROUP REUNION TUESDAY DEC. 7 – COME!: You can read this one for yourself. There is much to say about Cursillo and I am saving that for a separate post on Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors. You will see an analysis of how Cursillo can become a “tool” in the hands of a radical pastor.

3. MISSALETTES: Father Grinnell says:

(a) We have eliminated the missalettes in the pews and, instead are encouraging everyone to read and use Reading God’s Word, or some other help for reading and praying over the readings before coming to mass. It is my hope that having all the daily and Sunday readings will inspire you to use the daily readings as a part of your prayer whether or not you are able to attend the mass that day. If you read reflect on and pray over the readings of the mass before getting to church that day then you will be able to listen to the readings proclaimed by the lector. I, of course, read over the readings of each day many times as I prepare my homily, but I always look forward to hearing the Word proclaimed at mass. (b) Often the way the lector proclaims the reading speaks to my heart. Because the missalette also had hymns that we used at mass, we will need to print some of those hymns in (c) an addendum to the Adoremus Hymnal so that we still have them available. We can also print some prayers in the music addendum if there were prayers in the missalette that you particularly liked.

  • (a) Who is “we”? My wife and I can’t recall that there was any mention of the elimination of missalettes in the Pastoral Council minutes or in any bulletin. So, the Pastoral Council is not part of the “we.” I didn’t hear of this through the Knights of Columbus, so they weren’t part of the “we.” There is not person to whom I have spoken that knew about this decision beforehand. Perhaps the first person plural in Father’s statement should be replaced with the first person singular.
  • (b) I suppose the way the lector proclaims the reading could speak to my heart. Alternatively, a lector’s personal mannerisms or poor delivery can often be distractions. If I have the text in front of me, I can read in a manner attuned to my own heart (and soul) and also avoid distractions.
  • (c) My understanding is that our Pastor is not going to ditch the Adoremus Hymnal. My wife and I wonder what interesting new hymns might appear in the proposed addendum.

4. THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK: Our comment in post the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-11-30 about the Little Blue book and its origins still apply.


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