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Rules and Tools For Radical Pastors #2 – Clarification

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In the post Rules and Tools For Radical Pastors #2 I submitted the following thoughts:

The St. Peter Pastoral Council is not a true representative body. It is an instrument established by our Pastor to serve our Pastor – and apparently it is his prerogative to use it as he desires.

It is his tool. He can use it to build a parish in the spirit of CCC 2179 so that the sheep of St. Peter’s will have a Eucharist centered parish. Alternatively, he can use it to fashion a new environment in the style of Saul Alinsky or Gordon Simmons.

It must be understood, however, that it is the Pastoral Council that is the tool. The individual members are all volunteers, they are our fellow parishioners, they are the folks who sit in the pew next to you and to me. It is the Council that is the tool, not its members.

There are Council members who have openly questioned our Pastor on matters before the Council. There are also those who have followed their open questions with detailed emails to Father citing questions and concerns raised by parishioners.

We have good people in St. Peter’s. Some of those people are on the Pastoral Council. They are people who are sustained by the rich and nourishing food provided by earlier pastors, by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and by the Eucharist.

I want them to know that we are offering our prayers and personal sacrifices for them every day.



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