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“A breath of fresh air”

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If you haven’t heard, Fr. Paul Dudzinski, a former pastor of St. Peter Church, is filling in for Fr. Grinnell, who is participating in a Cursillo weekend.

First Friday Mass was quiet and reverent. Every word in the praying of the Mass was precisely in accordance with the Roman Missal. The homily served to nourish those in attendance. Each word, each action, and each genuflection was centered on the Eucharist. In the simple words of one attendee, “This is a breath of fresh air.”

For the first time in months, I was able to sit beside my wife in our own parish during Mass, rather than in one of our neighboring “exile” parishes.

Yes, it was “a breath of fresh air,” and that “breath of fresh air” was the Holy Spirit!


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  1. […] addition to the comments we made about First Friday Mass in the post Breath of fresh air, let me add the following. My wife and I have not had a chance to talk to Fr. Dudzinski for over 20 […]


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