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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-11-30 Part II

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 reading-gods-wordDrat! And double drat! And triple drat!

Drat #1: You should have picked up a copy of  Reading God’s Word a couple of weeks ago. (see Bulletin_2014-11-23, page 4, READING GOD’S WORD EVERY DAY). Had you done so, you would have had a USCCB-authorized version of the daily Mass readings for Church Year B – 2015.

If you didn’t pick up one, then you’re on your own. As of the 8:30AM Mass this morning there were only three copies remaining. Our Pastor said if you didn’t have one yet, you would have to order your own or obtain some similar publication.

Drat #2: Oh, by the way … I noticed the lady in front of me looking for a missalette this morning. There were none to be found. She looked a bit frustrated. Actually, quite a few people looked frustrated during the responsorial psalm, when they had no missalette to help them to remember the response.

If I understood our Pastor correctly, there will be no missalettes to be found any more. That’s right, the missalettes are history. Just remember to prepare for Mass by reading your copy of Reading God’s Word. Oh, you didn’t get a copy? Then, I refer you to Drat #1.

As I said, though, I might have heard Father incorrectly. After all, surely Bulletin 2014-11-23 would have informed me that there would be no more missalettes in the St. Peter’s. Wouldn’t it? —– Surprise!

Thankfully, I had in my hand, as usual, my copy of the Daily Roman Missal by the Midwest Theological Forum. Yes, I was able to read along with Father as he prayed the Collect, Gospel, Prayer over the Offerings, and the Prayer after Communion, and even Eucharistic Prayer II. Granted Father seems to have some trouble getting all the words right, but at least I was able to pray the correct words.

Drat #3: Yes, Reading God’s Word by Creative Communications for the Parish provides all the daily readings as authorized by the USCCB. The part that bothers me, though, is that our Pastor couldn’t find a Catholic company producing those readings. That’s right, Creative Communications for the Parish was founded by and run by a Protestant (Lutheran) minister: “Creative Communications for the Parish was founded by the Rev. Dr. Larry Neeb in 1977.” (See: About Creative Communications for the Parish.) So, now you know where your collection dollars are going.

Meanwhile, at St. Patrick’s today, I saw a second grandson serve his first Mass. It was a Mass in the Extraordinary Form. He new his Latin responses and he was proud of his accomplishment. My wife and I are so thankful that our grandsons have had this privilege. Our son, unfortunately, was in the generation that did not. Yet, he has made many sacrifices to ensure that his sons would reach this day.

During the Mass, I showed one of my granddaughters how to use the Daily Roman Missal – 1962 Version. She now knows her way around the missal and is able to follow the Latin almost as well as her two older brothers.

I keep in mind that the Church tells us that parents are the primary teachers. If my son and daughter-in-law are the teachers of their children, then that makes my wife and me the “grand-teachers.” God provides such great blessings.

Under the current conditions, how are the sheep of St. Peter’s going to teach their lambs?

How will the lambs learn what the Mass really is?






  1. E. Kerr says:

    Far too many Catholics have become ‘sheeple’, either afraid or unwilling to challenge clergy and hierarchy when they err; sheeple believe they are committing sin if they confront priests/bishops with flagrant violations of Canon law or go against the Magisterium. The Church Militant has fought the good fight for centuries, and many have sacrificed their lives (remember the Crusades); earthly rewards do not abound. However, a free soul and conscience are the highest rewards, and the best is yet to come, most likely when our lives are said and done. Following the strength of our convictions takes courage and, when done for the right reasons, is a great source of grace.


  2. Jill says:

    I’m starting to wonder if he’s doing things things just to rile us up. What other purpose can there be for making attending Mass more difficult? What if I forget to bring my “God’s Word” book? I had a similar thought about the absence of the bells. The consecration is now more difficult to attend to from the pews, since there is nothing to call us back from distraction. I used to let the bells be something to tell my children to listen for and now they have nothing. My 6-year old was just beginning to love to follow along in the Missalette, and now he’s taken the away, too. I just don’t understand.

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