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Petition Update #3

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The Petition has now been signed by 25.4% of Parish members. Because of difficulties contacting people as they depart the Church after Mass, a phone  campaign is now underway to contact as many parishioners as possible who have not yet had a chance to sign. My wife and I have been praying for those who have devoted so much of their own time to this cause. We will continue to pray and be thankful for their work.

The changes in liturgy we now must endure were imposed on us by our new Pastor without regard to requests from many (myself included) that he not attempt to fix that which is not broken. Why is it that we be required to accept “his style” when he has no intention of accepting “our style.”

“Bullying” is a word that is in vogue these days. And what is a bully? A bully is someone who would impose his will upon others by means of threat of force or wrongful use of authority. Would the impositions to which we have been subjected, therefore, be a case of “spiritual bullying”? If so, what would constitute the “threat” – The threat would be to ignore those with grievances and continue with the impositions. After all,  the authority is in the hands of the Pastor.

Clearly, over a quarter of the sheep of St. Peter’s are now on record as stating that they want to have access to Mass, celebrated not only in accordance with the General Instruction for the Roman Missal (GIRM) with a most minimal interpretation, but they would prefer to have Mass celebrated as it was before, with dignity, reverence, solemnity, awe, and always, always giving the most of what we have to give as individuals and as a Parish. The sheep of Kephas want to give full praise and glory to God!



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