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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-11-16

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While preparing to attend the 8:30AM Mass with my wife at St. John the Baptist, I have a few moments to post the St. Peter’s Bulletin: Bulletin_2014-11-16.

The Cursillo Drumbeat: Once again our new Pastor repeats the call – Join me for the Women’s Cursillo December 4-7. At the 5:00PM Mass, we had another manifestation of Father’s deep involvement in Cursillo. The team for the 142nd Women’s Weekend had held their team meeting at St. Peter’s and were introduced as a group by Father. Of course, this is not the first time our Parish has become a focal point for Cursillo activity. For example an Ultreya was held here on August 30th.

A constant push for anyone and everyone to make a Cursillo weekend, is that what Cursillo is about? We can start answering this question if we read the Applications page from the Arlington Cursillo Website. One question to ask yourself when reading this page is: Is our new Pastor following the process outlined on the Applications page?

So, as we did last week, my wife and I pose the question. Why is bringing Cursillo to St. Peter’s so important?

Time go to to Mass with my beautiful and beloved Sheep in exile.



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