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Petition Update #2

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The Petition I discussed in my October 25th post and in Petition Update #1 has now reached – 24.2%. This means that  roughly a quarter of St. Peter’s parishioners have signed and are on record with their desire for an alternative to the “minimalism” we are seeing in all the Masses at St. Peter’s. The sheep of St. Peter’s long for greater nourishment.

You Can Help: Those working to gather signatures need help with the Saturday Vigil Mass. If there is anyone out there reading this post who attends that Mass, or is willing to make the sacrifice to change their schedule so that they can collect signatures at that Mass, please do the following: run off copies of  the PETITION-Form; collect signatures from those willing to sign; and then scan the PETITION-Form(s) and send the file to I will forward the file to those involved in the petition effort. Alternatively, make a comment in the comment section and I will provide you contact information so that you may speak to petition organizers directly.


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