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Clarity for a Solemnity

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On Saturday, we celebrated the Church Triumphant with All Saints Day. This Sunday we celebrated the Solemnity of All Souls – the feast dedicated to the Church Suffering. Seeking to keep ever in mind those in Purgatory, Holy Mother Church in Her wisdom continues the Solemnity throughout the entire month of November. Today, St. Peter’s sheep in exile, heard that we should remember the dead who are in need of our prayers and sacrifices.

Were you to read the bulletin from the parish of St. John the Baptist, you would find the following:

All Souls Novena of Masses
Remember your deceased relatives and friends with a Novena of Masses beginning on All Souls Day, Nov. 2nd through Nov. 10th. Offering envelopes are in your church envelopes and are also available in the Gathering Area of the Church and in the Church office. Return your envelope and offering to the Parish Office, in the collection basket or you may mail it to the office at 120 W. Main St., Front Royal, VA 22630.

Had you read last week’s bulletin from St. John the Evangelist, you would have been advised:

5. Ah, Sunday November 2nd  is All Souls Day and trumps the Sunday Mass format. There is no Gloria on the Feast of All Souls.
6. Cards will be passed out at all the Masses next week. Please list any names of deceased relatives and friends you would like remembered at Mass during the month of November.

And what reference to remembrance of the dead would you find if you were to read the bulletins from St. Peter’s? – Nothing.

The word “catholic” means “universal.” Yet, it would seem that the Catholic universe ends at the St. Peter’s parish boundary.

To be fair, our new Pastor did lead a procession to the Parish cemetery and we did pray for the deceased. By any measure, that was a good thing. Unfortunately, the homily, to my recollection, never mentioned sin nor Purgatory. In fact, the homily would make one think that God is so merciful that only a very few would ever find themselves in hell. The concept that there might be a Church Suffering was never mentioned. If, in fact, Father did mention it, then it was so indistinct and muted that it could not be distinguished by the average person in the pew. At St. John the Baptist we heard the message with clarity.

So, if it is as our new Pastor would have it, my question would be, why have a Solemnity of All Souls?

At St. Peter’s the sheep are starving.



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  1. Fenton Goldblat says:

    The richness of the faith is very much lacking in this and so many other parishes. Today’s 8:30 Mass was a bit of a spectacle when three EMOCs (1 man & 2 women) waltzed up to the Sanctuary for Holy Communion. The elderly lady wandered around the left side seemingly trying to get past the kneeling altar boys so she could ascend the steps. Undaunted, she went around back and reappeared near the choir. The man, seeing two others, sheepishly went back to his pew…yet another spectacle and distraction which ruined any remnant of solemnity to the Mass–all in the name of the new god of “Inclusiveness” that has been foisted on us. It was both sad and upsetting to see the lady wandering about, but given her age, I was worried about her possibly tripping on the steps with our Lord’s precious Blood. Again, my eyes & mind was taken off our Lord. Shameful.

    This type of circus really has no place in the Mass.

    I don’t depend on these types of teachings to come from today’s priest, especially those formed in the 70s & 80s, and our pastor has made it clear that he will only give homilies on the readings, unless, of course if there’s a “social justice” angle. To teach Church dogma or tradition (4 letter word to progressives) is sadly unheard of nowadays.

    Only in parishes with young vibrant priests will you hear this, and those parishes are full.

    “Lex Orandi, Lex Crendendi, Lex Vivendi” really is true, and here is a wonderful Catholic Priest blogger who nails the problem in our Church:

    Although it will be a cold day in hell before we ever see the Tridentine Mass at St Peter’s, the theme of his blog post still rings true: the dumbing down & Protestantization of the Holy Mass has infected the Church and created generations of indifferent and ignorant Catholics who no longer truly believe in what Holy Mother Church teaches…and I firmly believe it has infected our clergy.

    Our family prayed a Novena to St Jude for Father Grinnell and will continue to pray for him and our parish.


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