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Petition Update #1

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The Petition I referenced in my October 25th post is progressing quite well – roughly 20% of St. Peter’s parishioners have already signed.

Despite the great progress, collecting signatures is not an easy task, “…there are two principal difficulties with collecting signatures, on site, so far.  First, many folks hoof it out to their cars immediately at the conclusion of Mass and race out of the parking lot.  Second, everyone I’ve approached wants to talk about this issue at length – WHICH IS GREAT! – but it does impede collecting more signatures.”

You Can Help: Considering the above, “…we need supplemental actions in order to contact each and every parishioner and make the case that they sign the Petition.” One way each of you reading this post can help in the effort is to download a copy of the petition, talk to fellow parishioners who haven’t already signed, and have them register their affirming view by signing the form. You can then scan the PETITION-Form and send the file to I will forward the file to those involved in this effort. Alternatively, make a comment in the comment section and I will provide you contact information so that you may speak to petition organizers directly.

Personal Note: I am on vacation with family this week and will return to writing posts on what my wife and I have observed at St. Peter’s next week.



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